Bridging the Gaps (BTG) believes that an empowered nation starts from an educated public; hence, education remains as a crucial factor in unleashing human potential. Specifically, the organization recognizes that education takes various forms to cater to different social circumstances such as students’ financial capacity, conduciveness of learning environments, and quality of learning resources. Given this, BTG creates more avenues – capacity building, youth corps, skills and livelihood trainings, language and volunteer work camps – where marginalized communities can access essential educational services, resources, and experiences, allowing them to garner knowledge and skills that suit them. In the same note, the organization promotes the value of non-formal methods of education in inculcating such values, allowing wider audiences to gain opportunities for them to hone their skills, harness their potentials, and gain wider views of the world. Moreover, volunteerism goes to the center of the organization’s educational agenda. Therefore, youth networks are encouraged to promulgate the culture of volunteering as a means of exploring one’s abilities, while enabling oneself as a force of change.

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