BTG Team

A registered nurse by profession, Erika is a noble public servant who has been engaging in volunteer works across the Philippines. Despite her crazy schedule, she will find a way to help you out with any office work you’re drowning in. She’s into traveling for cause- fighting for indigenous people, volunteering in poverty-stricken areas, helping those in the margins- you name it! She will change the world one hug at a time.

With a degree in mass communications and masters in film, RJ is essentially a movie director. He knows how viewers and listeners think and would give them the best media outputs that would hook them instantly. He’s a constant source of creative ideas for brainstorms, exercising practicality, innovation, and creativity. As such, he aligns his proficiency for a common social good. Lastly, he is the dude behind the logo.

No other team member can brighten up your day the way Vivien can. As a professional social worker, she mulls and reflects on the ins and outs of social behavior. Likewise, she applies theory in uplifting distraught communities, giving their lives dignity and meaning. Sounds like a tough job but nothing can stop Vivien from what she loves best.

Elly the travel bug has conquered half of the world, representing the organization in conferences, meetings, and international projects. As the managing director, she has coordinated people and teams virtually across the continents, making sure things run smoothly. Also, as the head of the team, she won’t let you down with support and more tasks to be accomplished. If at home, she teaches Japanese and shares with the group imported souvenirs and international insights.

Allan is a team member by morning, and a mountaineer by night. He is a researcher, community worker, environment advocate, all wrapped in a box with a ribbon on top. With strong experience in mobilizing people, he’s the man for that community project of yours. Also, he whips three meals a day for the team, ensuring they don’t go hungry saving the world.

With a degree in fine arts, Jaja has mastered the color wheel better than anyone else. True enough, she has done graphic designs for different nonprofits and is on her way to starting her social venture on creative bags and shirts – Malaya! As the graphic artist of the team, she unleashes her inner Van Gogh and makes sure deliverables have educational and artistic impact. She’s also started studying Spanish on Duolingo.

Young in spirit but adult at heart, Renz is a pureblooded language enthusiast. As the team’s communication specialist, he would help you in what he does best- communicating! Don’t dare step too close or prepare for a surge of verbal vomit. Being so, he makes presentations for the organization in the hopes of gaining support and grounds. He also travels for a cause and post tons of photos on his Instagram.